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Yves Rocher: Botanical Beauty Brand

yves rocher

Yves Rocher is a very popular makeup brand in Europe, but not as famous here in the US. Once a year when I go to Russia, I also get a chance to empty my wallet at the nearest Yves Rocher store. A simple google search brought me to their US website, and I’m trying my hardest to not buy everything listed. yves rocher To give you a little bit of background on the brand, Yves Rocher was created in France and is “based on the treasures of the botanical world and its infinite potential”. In simple words, their products are based on plants and flowers, which to be honest sounds amazing to me. It’s all natural, smells wonderful and has a vast array of products. To add a cherry on top of the cake, with every order you get a free gift in form of a tote, a makeup bag or some travel-sized treasures. Although it may seem a bit pricy at first, I found that it’s possible to get really good deals if I wait for holiday sales. Some of them offer up to 75% off and who wouldn’t want to buy a box of all-natural eyeliners and body washes for 7 bucks?

Either way, a few weeks ago I’ve splurged a bit (that’s an exaggeration, unfortunately) and purchased some goodies from My order came with a cool makeup tote which is perfect for travel and a bunch of free samples! As of now, I’m loving the Flawless Skin Foundation in Pinky 200 and can totally recommend the Sexy Pulp Mascara as I’ve actually been repurchasing it in Russia for the last couple of years. I’m already planning my next Yves Rocher haul when I go to Russia this summer, and I think I’ll be getting the Liquid Eyeliner in most of the colors and perhaps try out some eyeshadows. Lastly, and my sister will vouch for these as well, the YR fragrances have a very pleasant smell, a ton of choices and are very affordable! The Summer Collection Eau de Toilette and Retropical Eau de Toilette are definitely on the next “repurchase” list.

Are you familiar with Yves Rocher? What products have you tried? 

*This post is not sponsored and is entirely my personal opinion*

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