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A Skin Care Routine That Works for Me

With my recent extensive travels, I haven’t been able to take really good care of my problematic skin. Maybe it’s because water is different, but my face has been going from desert dry to crazy oily every week or so. Luckily, I’ve found a nice combination of products that keeps it all under control. Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisture Cream Even though this moisturizer is technically supposed to be used only at night, I really enjoy using it in the morning as well. It smooths all flaky patches on my face when the skin is on the dry side and is not super oily for when it’s not. It’s great for travel as well, since the container is so tiny! Pixi Glow Tonic This product is a huge ‘must’ and is very popular among beauty bloggers, so I decided to give it a try and purchased a $15 small bottle. It’s supposed to exfoliate the skin a bit and smooth the tone to get rid of any redness. Well, it does exactly what it promises: …


Looking Pretty Without Makeup – A Little Inspiration

Hello hello! A few days ago I stumbled upon some random slideshow of famous actresses and singers without makeup, going about their days and doing their stuff. Some of them looked completely different from their Red-Carpet faces, and that didn’t really surprise me. I looked at them and thought, “Wow, she does look better with makeup on, poor lady.” But then there were these other photos, which I looked at and smiled. The stars didn’t look ugly, grumpy or gray – and there was one common pattern among them that made it so.

yves rocher

Yves Rocher: Botanical Beauty Brand

Yves Rocher is a very popular makeup brand in Europe, but not as famous here in the US. Once a year when I go to Russia, I also get a chance to empty my wallet at the nearest Yves Rocher store. A simple google search brought me to their US website, and I’m trying my hardest to not buy everything listed. To give you a little bit of background on the brand, Yves Rocher was created in France and is “based on the treasures of the botanical world and its infinite potential”. In simple words, their products are based on plants and flowers, which to be honest sounds amazing to me. It’s all natural, smells wonderful and has a vast array of products. To add a cherry on top of the cake, with every order you get a free gift in form of a tote, a makeup bag or some travel-sized treasures. Although it may seem a bit pricy at first, I found that it’s possible to get really good deals if I wait for …

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My Summer Travel Plans – A Quick Update

Hey everyone! Just wanted to come by and drop a quick note regarding my recent absence. Everything is going great and I’m working and studying like crazy. I think I’m working more, though, which is a shame because classes are hard and I could use some study time. The most recent news and hype in the house is my upcoming trip to Europe: all I can think about is what I’m going to wear and what makeup I’ll bring/buy on my trip, considering all the TSA regulations I’ll need to check with. So my best friends these days have been Polyvore, the Nike store and . Since I’ll be traveling with only carry-on luggage, I need to make sure that everything I bring is practical, mixy-matchy and can be worn in any weather. On the last trip I successfully wore leather sneakers almost every day, but this summer is promised to be hot and dry, so I’ll need to plan accordingly. In terms of makeup, I’m pretty sure I’ve got the whole routine down …


New Maybelline Products Coming June 2015

Maybelline Cosmetics is coming out with some new fabulous products which I am super excited to try out this coming June. You all know my obsession with foundation, and I’ve had a chance to try out the new Better Skin Foundation in Europe last year. I also love the Baby Lips line, and the new Lip Gloss sounds like a nice addition to it. Lastly, the new Lasting Drama Gel liner and Chaotic Mascara will be a nice treat for a dramatic look. Click on the photos to see what’s coming in June or visit Maybelline’s Instagram. [Show thumbnails]