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Looking Pretty Without Makeup – A Little Inspiration

Hello hello! A few days ago I stumbled upon some random slideshow of famous actresses and singers without makeup, going about their days and doing their stuff. Some of them looked completely different from their Red-Carpet faces, and that didn’t really surprise me. I looked at them and thought, “Wow, she does look better with makeup on, poor lady.” But then there were these other photos, which I looked at and smiled. The stars didn’t look ugly, grumpy or gray – and there was one common pattern among them that made it so.

travel plans

My Summer Travel Plans – A Quick Update

Hey everyone! Just wanted to come by and drop a quick note regarding my recent absence. Everything is going great and I’m working and studying like crazy. I think I’m working more, though, which is a shame because classes are hard and I could use some study time. The most recent news and hype in the house is my upcoming trip to Europe: all I can think about is what I’m going to wear and what makeup I’ll bring/buy on my trip, considering all the TSA regulations I’ll need to check with. So my best friends these days have been Polyvore, the Nike store and . Since I’ll be traveling with only carry-on luggage, I need to make sure that everything I bring is practical, mixy-matchy and can be worn in any weather. On the last trip I successfully wore leather sneakers almost every day, but this summer is promised to be hot and dry, so I’ll need to plan accordingly. In terms of makeup, I’m pretty sure I’ve got the whole routine down …

Butter LONDON Lips and Eyes

Major Butter LONDON Love

As I am slowly getting more and more swamped with school and finals, there is yet some brilliant news on the work front – I am now interning for Butter LONDON! Really exciting stuff, I’ve only been there for a couple of days and am already learning so much. Truth be told, I haven’t heard a lot about their brand until a few months ago, when I accidentally ran into a beautiful rack of nail polish bottles at Macy’s. Turns out, Butter LONDON Nail Lacquer is sooo much better than your regular nail polish –


San Francisco Trip and Travel Makeup Routine

Hiya! This past weekend I went on a quick, 3-day trip to good old San Francisco! You may have seen some photos on Instagram, but I still wanted to share with ya’ll how stunned I am with the Naked Skin Liquid Makeup and how it totally saved my butt on this trip! So a few days ago I got really sucked into watching some makeup tutorials on Youtube and couldn’t help but notice everyone’s fascination with Urban Decay’s Naked Foundation. Now because it’s more of a high-end product, I didn’t really rush to the store to get it right that moment, but decided to try it out from a sample first. I headed down to Sephora, where a nice lady helped me pick a shade and everything (mine is 3.5 and it blends perfectly with my skin tone!). She gave me a tiny container with some foundation to last me a couple of days, which is what I brought with me to ‘Frisco. Guys, this foundation is a-ma-zing. Not only did it last for almost 9 hours without …


Liebster Award

Huge thanks to Becca on OhRebeccaa for the nomination! Starting a new blog is tough but super exciting, and I’m pumped that so many bloggers out there are helping each other out :) Here are the rules for nomination: Thank the blogger who nominated you Answer the questions from your nominator Nominate up to 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers Create 11 new questions Notify your nominees through their blogs or social media etc _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now, on to the questions: 1. Why did you start blogging? I started my first blog (my first serious blog) Study-Hack about a year ago, because I wanted to collect study tips and techniques for myself and the others to see. But recently I also started this blog to write about something I really enjoy, a makeup hobby if you will. It’s exciting because I get to go through the whole process again, except now I kind of have an idea of what I’m doing